Classic Leather Palette

This category includes lambskin and calfskin, known for their smooth, soft and supple texture, making them preferred materials for high-quality leather bandoliers, belts, jackets and other clothing. Lambskin main draw is that it is insulative and protective, especially for its thinness. Lambskin is unique among leather in that it is tanned with some of the wool still attached to the skin. Lambskin stand up to cold temperatures better than many synthetic materials. Calfskin products are known for their sheer, almost velvety texture and their high durability even in harsh conditions. Although not as insulating or weather-resistant as lambskin, calfskin is tougher and withstands abrasion better. Calfskin jackets are perfect for people who come into contact with rough surfaces and gritty environments on a daily basis. Depending on a chosen product and its purpose we will select the most proper kind of leather for you (lambskin or calfskin). You will only have to choose the colour.

Fabric & Care

Python Leather Palette

Python leather is certainly one of the most exquisite leathers and for good reason too. Not only is this leather magnificently gorgeous, but the position of the scales lets it show off color more beautifully and vibrant than other. Python is exceptionally easy to take care of and won’t scruff or scrape easily. It’s insanely lightweight which makes it ideal for bandoliers, backpacks, bumbags, jackets etc. We provide many options of color and finishing of high quality python leather. We are not using endangered species of animals. All reticulated python skin we used are legally traded under CITES authority (the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora).

Fabric & Care

Military Cotton Palette

Military cotton is breathable material designed to create clothing that simultaneously provide waterproofing and wearing comfort. The fabric is stylized and antiquated by hand, each of our item is exceptional. Before we start sewing we will prearrange all details with you.

Please be aware that this photos does not wholly represent the real coloring, there will be shifts depending on your electronic equipment type and resolution.

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