Italian Artistry

inspired by indomitable

Slavic Soul

Who are we & what we do?

Our family has been involved in the sewing-craft since XIX century, which is reflected in symbolic meaning of old-slavic name LIHOLAT: “liho” – “excellent”, “lat” – “sew”. We are coming back home to our roots using the brand name in honour of our Slavic ancestors. We have designed reliable and everyday base leather clothing and accessories for you. They are so called transformers, e.g. detachable part of a coat can be used as a skirt, a jacket turns into a vest, a backpack can be used as a bag, a choker and a belt can be connected up into a harness. Our products are handmade of fine but durable Italian leather and exotic leather additions, antiquated fabric, the highest quality stainless steel additives, tassels and braids which make them unique and artistic works. Each item here is made custom per order. We are also inviting you to follow our posts and stories on facebook and Instagram. There we present our products created individually. We look forward to making friends with you and hopefully our relation will be a long lasting value.

What makes us different?

Our principled philosophy is Slow Fashion. Our leather clothes and accessories, because of the detachable parts, are multifunctional and handy to travel with. We have nothing to do with huge production factories located all over the world. We design and make our products in small art workshops in Europe. Our staff members are very crafted and experienced workers. We are very proud they are part of our LIHOLAT family. We do not compete with popular chain clothing stores in terms of prices and amounts. Our advantage is quality, uniqueness, multifunctionality, attending to details. Style able to withstand the test of time and trends – that’s what makes us different.

Our lady. Who is she?

It’s difficult to have her sussed, therefore she is a mystery for many. She is full of differences which exist together in harmony. She likes sharing but does not allow to be harnessed… She endows with love but does not allow anyone to play with her heart…. She trusts, but is not naive… She is wild and also delicate… She is creative but also practical… She is sensible but ready for challenges… Not afraid of changes, yet committed to her beliefs… When She wants to impress, She wears shades of grey… When She wants to arouse desire, she denudes less of her body… Liholat products exist in a harmony with our Lady. It is tailored to match requirements of Her lifestyle.

The sisters-designers,
Victoria and Irina Tymoshenko